I Love You, Oreo

My best, most favorite-est exciting part of being in the kitchen is creating and experimenting with new flavours and combinations to entice you and make you happy, or amused, or bemused, or feel like you are getting a big hug.  But classics are classics for a darn delicious reason.. and to me nothing says ice... View Article

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Ice Creams That You Want, That You Really, Really Want

Fresh off the churn! These gorgeous pints of handmade ice cream have just been dropped of at the Food Barn Deli!ROCKY ROAD- Milk chocolate that is a bit more dense than my usual “am I eating a chocolate bar but also ice cream?” chocolate flavours.  I do this to offset the fact that….. THERE ARE... View Article

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I Drink Coffee Until I Can’t Blink Anymore

When I first moved to Cape Town, I was asked “Do New Yorkers really have a giant Starbucks coffee in their hand at all times like on TV?”. That answer is YES. I don’t know what it’s like to do errands or even walk down the street without a grande brewed Verona. I would sip... View Article

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4 Ice Creams That You Need Right Now

Every week I’ll be debuting 4 new flavours to use as a barometer for what to showcase in the shop(THE SHOP!!!!!) once I open. It’s basically American Idol for my little ice creams. So if you really like one in particular, vote for it by buying MORE THAN ONE! The flavours that sell best will stay... View Article

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Holey Moley! I’m Opening A Shop!

It’s in heaven… The shop is in the Noordhoek Farm Village nestled amongst the mountains overlooking the Atlantic Ocean .  I MEAN, WHAT??? Will I ever stop pinching myself? And my learning curve is….ok it’s just vertical. Payroll? Invoicing? Oh man. But I’ve never been so excited in my LIFE.  My test kitchen is BUZZING.... View Article

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Knee Deep In Basil

I have a ridiculous amount of basil. It multiplied in my garden like Gremlins overnight. I’ve taken to trimming it down, and using the top bits with white flowers as indoor plants. (You can propagate basil in just a vase of water. It looks and smells so fresh and fab!)  I’ve given bunches wrapped up... View Article

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Freudian Marshmallows

When I was 12, I attended a neighborhood Halloween party(dressed as Cleopatra, obviously). There was a game where you sat cross-legged on the floor, blindfolded, with an empty bowl on your head, and a bowl of marshmallows in front of you with a big wooden spoon. The winner of the game was determined by who... View Article

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Of Cookie Dough, Pizza, And Italy

I had a serious obsession with cookie dough when I was at university. For movie nights(ok fine, any night that ended in a “y”), my roommates and I would get a tube of pre-bake cookie dough to crumble that on top of Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream that we THEN covered in hot... View Article

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Olive Oil & Appendages

We in Cape Town are lucky ducks. We live on the ocean. We are surrounded by mountains. We have a bounty of delicious food in every neighbourhood. We have glorious summers and moderate winters. We have fabulous festivals every weekend. We even have penguin colonies, and who doesn’t love a penguin? But for now, let’s... View Article

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Matcha Is So Trending Right Now

During one of my San Francisco stints, I lived in Chinatown and worked at a hospital in Berkeley. The commute to said hospital required me to take a bus to a train to a shuttle with the bus picking me up at 5:15AM(furthering my full-on addiction to all things caffeine). Every morning, while waiting for... View Article

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