When I was 12, I attended a neighborhood Halloween party(dressed as Cleopatra, obviously). There was a game where you sat cross-legged on the floor, blindfolded, with an empty bowl on your head, and a bowl of marshmallows in front of you with a big wooden spoon. The winner of the game was determined by who spooned the most marshmallows into the bowl on your head. I know, complicated. BUT I WON.  I won a life sized candy gummy rat. Those marshmallows were my vehicle to greatness that day. And they have been my favorite ever since.

When I moved to Cape Town, I found a void in my life in the form of those soft, sweet, comforting little pillows of yum. I couldn’t find any marshmallows that weren’t pumped full of artificial sweeteners and ingredients with hyphens and numbers in their name(EW!) that made me feel like I was eating science. So I set off on a mission to make my own…. and it’s finally happened. I have concocted my own perfect marshmallow utopia. Not that I’m a fanatic or anything(yes I am), but marshmallows have to be perfect. They have to taste softly sweet, have the consistency of the fluffiest sponge cake, be white as snow, and light as air. The possibilities are ENDLESS for deliciousness. Milk chocolate with marshmallows and smoked almonds with a swirl of caramel…. sweet cream with toasted marshmallow and brownie batter chunks… marshmallow cream with delicate lacings of raspberry coulis…dark chocolate with charred marshmallows and graham crackers…. I want it ALL.



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