When I first moved to Cape Town, I was asked “Do New Yorkers really have a giant Starbucks coffee in their hand at all times like on TV?”. That answer is YES. I don’t know what it’s like to do errands or even walk down the street without a grande brewed Verona. I would sip sip sip in between stores in Soho, walking to work in the East Village, walking from work, waiting for the subway, walking home from the gym in Brooklyn, walking in general. Most grocery store shopping carts even have a hot beverage holder on them for the vast population of crazy caffeine addicts like me. It really is a “thing” in New York, much less America in general.

I still do this. I can’t stop myself. Coffee shops pull me in like Odysseus’s Sirens.  I still order the largest most double shot-iest ginormous coffee I can, whenever I can. But I now order a “take-away”, instead of a “to-go”. I have switched to fancy flat whites. And sometimes  I even sit down to take a moment and enjoy it. 

Coffee ice cream is only as good as it’s coffee beans, and coffee here in the Cape is FANTASTIC.  Coffee beans go into quite a few of my ice creams, not just the coffee flavour. All of the Dark Chocolate varieties have a smidge of coffee to make them more robust and complex. As a singular flavour, I wanted my coffee ice cream to be more espresso than cappuccino/frappuccino. So it is forwardly very intense in taste, with sweet cream notes to linger on the palate. It makes me want to ride to a cafe on a red Vespa in, say, Paris with great cat eye sunglasses, and a perfectly tied scarf a la Hepburn.



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