My best, most favorite-est exciting part of being in the kitchen is creating and experimenting with new flavours and combinations to entice you and make you happy, or amused, or bemused, or feel like you are getting a big hug.  But classics are classics for a darn delicious reason.. and to me nothing says ice cream like Cookies & Cream.  You are totally in agreement, as 34% of ALL of my scoop sales are Cookies & Cream, nearly taking out all time champion Vanilla Bean. Herein reveals why/how I make the not yet award winning, potential cult following, decidedly(34%!) popular, and classically fabulous kick-ass Cookies & Cream.

While I was still studying at university, I developed a super weird aversion to store bought mass produced cookies. During school breaks, I would work for my dad a few weeks at a time at a commercial cookie factory. IS THAT A DREAM OR WHAT.  My job was to stand at the end of the cookie conveyer belt (while wearing a hair net and a lab coat), and pick off the cookies that were too big or had too many chocolate chips or had a little crack and…… throw them away. CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE THE HORROR!?! So, armed with my 20 year old metabolism and appetite, I ate /saved all the cookies from being thrown into the waste bin. I ate a tremendous amount of cookies in a very short amount of time.   So many that I made myself ill, and much like Peppermint Schnapps, they no longer hold any appeal to my older, wiser(hahahahaha) self.

Point is,  I make my own version of Oreo cookies from scratch, made from honest to goodness farm butter, chocolate, cane sugar, and a smish-smash of flour because I can’t stomach foods with artificial “ingredients” in them, and I am a self gratifying ice cream monster. 



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