Fresh off the churn! These gorgeous pints of handmade ice cream have just been dropped of at the Food Barn Deli!

ROCKY ROAD- Milk chocolate that is a bit more dense than my usual “am I eating a chocolate bar but also ice cream?” chocolate flavours.  I do this to offset the fact that….. THERE ARE TONS OF HOMEMADE MARSHMALLOWS IN HERE. I like how the dense cream texture juxtaposes the fluffy marshmallow. Then, as Rocky Road does, Homemade Caramel/Praline  Sauce is swirled in. Toasted almonds add a salty crunch and offsets the sweetness of the other flavours.

SMOKED SEA SALTED CARAMEL- Sugar is dry burned in small batches until it caramelises and starts to get real crazy. Burndt sugar is really the only flavour in here. It’s so simple, yet if you miss the 5 second window when the sugar is done, then you will have a black mass of bitter sugar, your house will smell like it was on fire in a really bad way, and your husband  will say “WHAT HAPPENED DID YOU BLOW SOMETHING UP”. I like to use Maldon Smoked Sea Salt, as I think it lends a little sophistication with a slight nuance of oaky wood in the after taste. You kinda have to search for it on your palate. It’s there, just close your eyes.

HAZELNUT CREME WITH HOMEMADE NUTELLA- There’s a whole lotta hazelnut up in here. Like, a kilo per 4 Litres, lotta. The nuts are toasted and then infused into sweet cream for a smooth textured, mild intensity Hazelnut Base. Then comes the Nutella, which is layered in but also  chunky. The effect is a Nutella ripple with random goldmines of all-Nutella pockets.

BRIAR BERRY WITH OATMEAL STREUSEL- Ok, so this was also in the deli last week. But I was asked for it, and that made me feel like Sally Field winning an Oscar.  It’s Vanilla Bean Cream layered with homemade raspberry/red currant/blackberry jam and Oatmeal Streusel. It’s like a fruity, nutty, vanilla-y lasagna.

Please enjoy!



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