I have a ridiculous amount of basil. It multiplied in my garden like Gremlins overnight. I’ve taken to trimming it down, and using the top bits with white flowers as indoor plants. (You can propagate basil in just a vase of water. It looks and smells so fresh and fab!)  I’ve given bunches wrapped up in pretty paper and a ribbon in lieu of giving flowers. I’ve made pesto for the rest of our years, and even homemade body wash soap. Still-basil is coming out of our ears.

Enter Fresh Basil & Pralined Pine Nuts! My process involved various methods of steeping the leaves in my ice cream base.  Some of which resulted in a flavour akin to licking a plant, gross. I introduced the leaves to the still hot cream base for a gentler infusion. And it was softer, kinda healthy tasting, and totally delish but still missing “something”. Pine nuts roasted with honey and butter create a little pocket in the cream, like a pine nut nest, and totally round out the basil cream. It’s not really a crunch though, its more of like a malleable buttery nut nestled here and there in the cream. Is it conventional? NO! Is it a little weird? YES! Try serving Fresh Basil with Pine Nuts on top of a tomato tart as the 3rd of a 5 course dinner party. How fancy! I love ice cream as more than a dessert. I love ice cream. Ice cream for president.



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