During one of my San Francisco stints, I lived in Chinatown and worked at a hospital in Berkeley. The commute to said hospital required me to take a bus to a train to a shuttle with the bus picking me up at 5:15AM(furthering my full-on addiction to all things caffeine). Every morning, while waiting for my bus, the mini-est sweet faced granny would come to the absolutely empty station and sit right next to me. Right next to me, as in so close that her entire leg was touching mine. We would sit there in silence until the bus came, and then would nod and smile at each other as we boarded the bus. We would then go our separate ways with her sitting in the front and me towards the back, and that was the end of that. HA! How weird and fun is that!?!? I never actually talked to her, but I still think about her every once in awhile. 

I just found the brand of Matcha tea I used to buy in San Francisco here in Cape Town at my local tea shop. It’s the first time I’ve seen it here in South Africa! I’m so happy! Matcha is made from ground tea leaves, and makes delicious ice cream. It is also beyond trending right now. Some of my old New York friends just opened a cafe dedicated to matcha and GWYNETH PALTROW walked on in, bought a matcha latte, and then put it on her website and social media as the next big thing. COULD YOU EVEN IMAGINE?!?!?! I would fall OVER. But the hype is REAL! Matcha is gorgeous! It has a nutty, earthy flavour with the colouring of a freshly roasted pistachio. When it’s made into ice cream, the matcha maintains its intense earthy flavour, but is mellowed out by the sweetness and smooth texture of the cream. If you are serving any type of Asian influenced meal, it’s the perfect dessert pairing as it’s not too cloyingly sweet. Delicious.



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