I had a serious obsession with cookie dough when I was at university. For movie nights(ok fine, any night that ended in a “y”), my roommates and I would get a tube of pre-bake cookie dough to crumble that on top of Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream that we THEN covered in hot fudge AND Cool Whip AFTER each of us ate an entire pizza and breadsticks with cheese sauce. This prime example of extreme gluttony was  mitigated by the fact that we were competitive swimmers. SIGH. Those were the days!  Now I consider beach walks with my  little monsters to be “training”, and I’ve had to curb my habit of wrapping an entire pizza around my head.

A few(ahem) years later, I have recreated my cookie dough lifestyle. Instead of buying everything pre-made(so early 2000’s!!), I make it all from scratch. And because cookie dough is magical, I put a boatload of the stuff into vanilla-bean cream. BEHOLD. My youth recreated in ice cream.


When I was traveling through Italy with two girlfriends, these two things happened. I won a dart competition at a local pub that I entered by accident in Rome, And I ate the most spectacular pizza of my entire life. While staying in Naples, we took a day trip to Pompeii, and it was terrible.  It started raining so hard that our umbrellas broke and flipped inside out, and we had to huddle inside ancient stone houses to escape the elements. We came to the conclusion that Pompeii had been around for awhile so far, and it would still be there when we went back on another trip. It was time for PIZZA. We made our way back to Naples and found L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele. Oh. My. GOODNESS. I have never, and will never have something like this again. There were 2 pizza options. Margherita and Marinara. Everyone around us had their own pizza. One guy had TWO for just himself! The dough was sweet and light with puffed pockets of air and slightly charred edges. The Buffalo Mozzarella with the ripe tomatoes were…. I have no words. When you took a bite, the cheese would string from your mouth all the way back to to the table where your slice was momentarily placed. We ordered another round of pizzas(who does that!), and some full sugar, real deal Coca-Cola from glass bottles. We topped it all off with a Peroni. Then we unbuttoned the top button of our pants and rolled home.



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