We in Cape Town are lucky ducks. We live on the ocean. We are surrounded by mountains. We have a bounty of delicious food in every neighbourhood. We have glorious summers and moderate winters. We have fabulous festivals every weekend. We even have penguin colonies, and who doesn’t love a penguin? But for now, let’s just talk about the wine. The wine lands around the Cape are truly spectacular, and wine really makes everything better, doesn’t it? Every time we spend a night or even a day out in the vines, I say to everyone listening- LET’S DO THIS EVERY WEEKEND! And I mean it. But then life happens, and in actuality I go out every 4 or 5 months.

This last time that I went out to the wine lands was for a bachelorette party. We opted for a more mature girl’s weekend away in beautiful cottages overlooking the mountains, because we are (ahem) classy. But, you get a bunch of ladies together, give them some wine, and the demise of civility is inevitable, no matter the age. Four wineries and a picnic lunch later we were back at our cottage pool. There was more wine, interpretive dance-offs, questionable male appendage draped attire, sheep chasing, and someone was mildly electrocuted. It was a total success. What I took from the weekend away was that A) I have wonderful women in my life, and B) some really great olive oil.

Before I left NYC, there was a bit of a kerfuffle about olive oil ice cream at Momofuku. It was treated by food bloggers and critics alike as the holy grail of ice cream. (If you ever find yourself in NYC, go to Momofuku and order the pork belly buns, seriously.) But olive oil ice cream always seemed a bit boring. I mean, c’mon, where will the marshmallows go? Wouldn’t it just be a greasy kind of sweet cream? I envisioned licking the plate that a cheeseburger was served on (which I’ve done, and will do again, don’t judge). With my new boutique olive oil (from Uva Mira in Stellenbosch), I was aptly armed to see what all the hoopla was about. I made this ice cream as part of a dessert for my husband’s birthday dinner, which would cater for 15 people. I thought that it would be a perfect backdrop for some beautiful stone fruit and figs roasted with shiraz, lemon, fresh thyme and honey. Expectation wise, I thought it would be bland, and need the fruit accoutrements. After the churn, I was bowled (ha!) over by how delicious this simple cream turned out! The olive oil lends a delicate slightly grassy/slightly savoury flavour to the cream.  I put the ice cream out for people to make sundaes with the roasted fruit, which nobody did. They all just ate the ice cream straight and plucked up the fruits as an afterthought, sorry fruit. I even found finger scrape marks inside the ice cream tub. Perhaps olive oil is the new basic blank slate vanilla flavour for the bon vivant? If so, I’m IN. 




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